Understanding Thermal Packaging: What is it, how is it made, and why do I need it?

Understanding the inner workings of thermal packaging is essential for businesses that rely on transporting temperature-sensitive products. At MP Global Packaging, we specialize in providing innovative thermal packaging solutions designed to preserve the integrity and freshness of your goods throughout the supply chain. Our patent-pending manufacturing process uses 100% pre-consumer, post-industrial cardboard.

Thermal packaging employs a combination of insulation and temperature-regulating materials to create a controlled environment within the package itself. The primary goal is to shield temperature-sensitive products from external temperature fluctuations and maintain their required temperature range during storage and transportation.

Insulation is a key component of thermal packaging, as it helps to minimize heat transfer between the environment and the packaged product. Our insulated shipping containers, pouches, and liners feature advanced insulating cardboard fibers made from pre-consumer, post-industrial cardboard, which effectively trap heat or cold inside the package.

In addition to insulation, thermal packaging often incorporates temperature-regulating elements such as gel packs, phase change materials (PCMs), or dry ice. These components help to actively manage the internal temperature of the packaging, ensuring that products remain within the desired temperature range for the duration of their journey. While we do not manufacture gel packs, PCMs, or dry ice, many of our customers use them to enhance the internal temperature of their shipped products.

For example, gel packs can be pre-conditioned to specific temperature levels and strategically placed within the packaging to absorb or release heat as needed. Similarly, PCMs undergo a phase change at a specific temperature, absorbing or releasing thermal energy to maintain a constant temperature inside the package.

At MP Global Packaging, we offer a range of thermal packaging solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you’re shipping vaccines, medications, fresh foods, or biological samples, our thermal packaging is designed to provide reliable temperature control and protection for your valuable cargo.

By investing in high-quality, eco-friendly thermal packaging from MP Global Packaging, you can have peace of mind knowing that your temperature-sensitive products will arrive at their destination fresh, safe, and ready for use…and to be recycled responsibly!